I just wanted to take a minute to thank the two of you for your assistance
in placing a nanny for me. Nancy is such a caring and kind person,
I’m truly grateful to have her with me. Danielle, you’ve been great through this
process and have helped me no matter what the situation. You’ve been available at odd hours
and have a pleasant personality to do business with. Y
our prompt and immediate attention is greatly appreciated and well respected.


Thank you once again!

Laura M.

Good luck with the little one!


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Danielle and Emily-
Both Amy and myself have been extremely satisfied with your service.

You were courteous, responsive, and kind. Best of all, you found us a nanny who is great.

Thank you so much, and we would reccommend A-1 Perfect Nanny to anybody.

Michael and Amy R.

I can not think of a better way to spend quality time with my family, other than hiring a personal assistant and or house manager to help us with our lawn care, house keeping, nannying, chores, errands, and other odds n ends. If all of us had some kind of help during the day , we can All alleviate stress that running our household causes. People think it is selfish for stay-at-home mom or dad to get some help and I think different. We do So many things around the house, outside of the house & for everybody else and neglect our own self. We are worth so much more & people need to commend us for everything that we do for our family. Please take time out for yourselves & enjoy what life has to offer !!!

Matching families with their household staff has been so exciting for me. I feel so lucky that these nannies, personal assistants and house managers have such wonderful families that they work for. We keep in contact with all of our placements to ensure happiness as well as stability. I thank everyone for choosing our fantastic company